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THE DIONNE SHOW –  Watch episodes of your favourite NZ talent show ‘KIWI CAR-E-OKE’ featuring YOU!!! Enjoy the songs and stories from famous musicians like Jason Kerrison – Op Shop, Tony T Nogotautama –  Ardijah and NZ sweetheart Krissie Knap as well as local talents within your community!! Straight from the heart of the artist these fun interviews get you up close and personal as they share their music, success and challenges on their journey.  

  • THE 100% LOCAL PROJECT – is a new interview series in 2022 supporting creative businesses affected by Covid 19.  Raising public awareness of your brand your, services for FREE is at the heart of The Dionne Show! Contact me for more information if you want your business featured on the series.
  • THE ARTIST RED –  This is the official website of enigmatic NZ singer/songwriter The Artist RED. Discover her vivacious vibe of music, eclectic and diverse her musical style will plunge you into a world layered in pulsating rhythms, intrinsic harmonies and seductive silky vocal runs. Her music is a rabbit hole … where will it lead you??!!
  • IWI INFLUENCERS – This is a motivational series interviewing the most innovative, successful and enlightening individuals from around the world and sharing their success strategies.  It focuses on the people from all walks of life and the term success is not defined by financial success only.  It is the attainment of happiness, personal purpose and everyday habits that these individuals have integrated into their life that is the key to achieving their results. Tune in to find out how you can break old habits and beliefs with us. 2022 IS YOUR YEAR TO SUCCEED!!


THIS REVOLUTION – WRITTEN IN 2019 this song expresses the heartfelt sorrow and disbelief for one of New Zealands darkest days in history. On March 15 2019 fifty one innocent people were murdered by a terrorist in what would become known as ‘The Christchurch Mosque shootings.’ This song is dedicated to them, their families with the promise that we will never forget them as we stood united as New Zealanders of all races ages and beliefs.

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